Testimonials - kindly shared by my clients

Here is my favourite R & S Auto Repair testimonial:

"John, you are going to be my car mechanic until one of us is dead”

Christina B, Reiki Master

"I agree with Christina, he’s going to be my car mechanic until one of us is dead”
Nancy Huber, Owner, Cherry Valley Retreat

"John is a stand-up type of guy.  Usually tells you whether you need to or don’t need to depending upon your pocket book.  Where do you find service like this?”
Danny, Owner, Aurora Country Cleaners

"My wife and I both use John.  I’m on my third Camry that John has worked on.  Two of them I kept for over ten years.  John knows us, our cars, and what we need intimately.  He knows what we are going to need before we need it.”
Mark Langlois

"I’m a mini-van Mom and John helped us buy my used van.  He knew exactly the issues we were facing and gave us a green light.   This is the second one he’s helped us with.  The last one he helped to keep on the road for over 10 years and told us when it was time to move on to another vehicle.  We’ve used him for years and continue to do so even though we’ve moved to Richmond Hill from Aurora.”
Janice Marshall, Richmond Hill

"I highly recommend John.  He has proven time and again he's a skilled and honest mechanic who can keep our aging Ford in sound working order.   No more dealer mechanics for our car - John's the man for the job!"
Susie Hanna

"I've recommended John to family and friends who've always appreciated the tip.  My sister-in-law even takes the bus from the city to have their car repaired here.  The bus stop is only a few feet away."
Steve Falk, Aurora

"Hi John,
   Just wanted to say thanks for all you did to fix up the car for me. I'm happy to report it is running great and I am continuing to rack up lots of miles travelling up North, to Wiindsor etc. Canadian Tire replaced the tire with the bulge for about $45 so it's all good.
Great work and thanks again,
Kevin Falk"

R & S Auto Repairs is very grateful to those who have offered testimonials for this page.  If you would like to submit something for inclusion, please send it attention John Bishop, Owner/Car Mechanic, R & S Auto Repair, 11 Allaura Blvd, Aurora, Ontario, L4G 3N5,  or email me at rsauto@rogers.com.